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Service Provider Features

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In today’s competitive market delivering more value for a lower cost sells. Making more money doing it is just GREAT!

Magic Box offers a feature set designed with the local shop in mind. Providing IT services to very small business and residential clients presents a variety of challenges not the least of which is being in several places at one time. Trying to employ the typical RMM system in this market is cost prohibitive. That is because those systems are designed to support server-centric clients where a server failure will significantly impact revenue, cost and a lot of people during and in the aftermath of the failure. Very small business is impacted more by workstation, network and peripheral issues. By shifting the focus from server reliability to workspace usability we can address the needs of the server-free and limited server client. The need here is user productivity in a very direct fashion. The objective of the Magic Box is to bring to the local shop the tools to develop support subscriptions that make you money and provide value to your clients while lowering costs and increasing your capacity.

The current features support a shop taking its support requests by phone, email and text.

  • Instant Remote Desktop Support (Client supports Windows 7 back to Windows 98, Mac, Solaris & Linux. Tech Client supports those plus IOS and Android.)
  • Educational links based on installed software
  • Push utilities onto the user menu
  • Offers print supplies based on installed printers
  • Handles order fulfillment on supply and services orders
  • Manages simple client database for integration with any application
  • Markets and deploys off-site backup including a shop hosted option
  • Self Signup – allows you to set up a new client by having the client download the software then confirm an email address or enter a client code on first use of a premium service such as Remote Assistance. Optionally a tech can simply register the computer using his ID and formalize the account later.
  • Magic Box uses hardware identification to eliminate passwords and track the system even through an OS reimage.
  • Fully brandable
  • All communications are SSL or AES 256 encrypted.

Features currently under development include:

  • Chat Dashboard – Really a technician dashboard with support for chat based support requests, remote system information, remote code execution and more
  • Mobile App for the Chat Dashboard
  • Improved CRM
  • On-Demand tool download. The first time the user or tech selects a tool from the menu it is downloaded and executed. This eliminates the need to distribute every tool you have with the application while making them easily available and stored locally for subsequent use
  • Constant development of tools to enable providers and their clients themselves to tackle common IT tasks