A new version is available – Print Queue Cleaner 2.0 Get it HERE!

Print Queue Cleaner 1.7 is the last of the .NET 2.0 versions. Originally intended to work on Windows XP Service Pack 2 and above with no additional dependencies the platform is quite limited compared to more modern technologies.

In 1.7 I have maintained the compatibility and have responded to user feedback by adding some additional features and improving others.

  • Progress bar is now color coded by progress phase.
  • Progress text gives more specific information on the  current phase.
  • Provides additional assistance in the event the Print Spooler service is disabled or failing (OS problem or malware generally).
  • Added a “Create Desktop Shortcut” link for use with the portable edition.
  • Greatly improved printer detection in the “Test It” section.
  • Added technical support links.
  • Added a Windows Installer msi edition that installs Print Queue Cleaner as a regular desktop application.

Download from HERE Portable – Just download and run (47k)

Download from HERE Windows Installer MSI (830k)



Print Queue Cleaner 1.7