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Using robocopy in Visual Studio Build

Microsoft plays a practical joke on the Visual Studio user unfamiliar with the build events usage of robocopy. Until last week I never really had need of robocopy in post build events since xcopy using “$(TargetDir)$(TargetName)*” moves the dll, pdb and the xml documentation file. However, in the quest to get the community more engaged by Continue Reading

Phony flash update strikes yet again

Social engineering attacks are nothing new. In fact if you have a scary sounding intro you can suck a lot of unsuspecting people into downloading. This is particularly true when an attacker uses trademark images from well known security products like Norton and software companies like Adobe. Here is what this looks like. At the Continue Reading

Reveton – Citadel Reloaded

Fridays are never uneventful and this one was no exception. A call to the hotline indicates Reveton, aka Trojan:W32/Reveton, Win32/Reveton.A. What seemed interesting was that the user was savvy enough to get through the hijack, find and connect to my web site and subsequently to the remote client. This is a trivial removal at this Continue Reading